Best Practices

When using our vehicles, it is vital to comply with the rules ensuring proper operation of the service and the safety and comfort of all passengers. The cooperation of all is fundamental.

Validation is mandatory

When you get on the vehicle, always validate your ticket on one of the validation machines available.

No eating or drinking

Eating or drinking is not allowed inside our vehicles.

Mind the steps

Be careful on the steps and with height different inside the vehicle.

Always hold on tight

Hold on tight, especially if you're standing.

Be on the lookout for pickpockets

Always be careful of your belongings and look out for pickpockets.

Transport luggage in the appropriate places


Luggage should be kept in the appropriate places, provided it does not disturb other passengers or damage the vehicle.


Only relatively small pieces of luggage may be transported on our vehicles (55x40x20 cm).

Pet transport - only in appropriate carriers

Only guide or assistance dogs and pets in appropriate carriers may be transported.

Appropriate carriers: these should be clean and in a good state of repair, made from resistant material that is washable, easy to disinfect and watertight (Order No. 968/2009). It must be possible to carry these carriers as “hand luggage” and they should be placed in the spaces set aside for this.

Wave to show you want to get on the vehicle

At stops, wave your hand to show you want to get on the vehicle.

Keep the entrance area and aisle clear

After validating your ticket, move towards the back of the vehicle so that the entrance area and aisle are kept clear.

No smoking

Smoking is not allowed inside the vehicles.

Be careful of moving doors

Don't get on or off the vehicle when the doors are in motion.

Stand away from the doors

If you're standing, don't lean on the doors of the vehicle.

Get an On-board Ticket if you do not have any other valid ticket


If you don't have a pass or other valid ticket, get an On-board Ticket from near the driver's area.

Give up your seat to priority passengers

Give up you seat to priority passengers such as the elderly, pregnant women or people carrying children.

Use headphones

When travelling please use headphones if you are speaking on the mobile phone or listening to music. Avoid disturbing other passengers.

Electric Scooters are not allowed

It is forbidden to carry electric scooters in our vehicles.

Don't put your feet on the seats
It is forbidden to put your feet on the seats.