At the time of purchase and loading of transport tickets, the CARRIS sales network issues a certified invoice.  The invoice for the sale of tickets and passes is issued with the payment record. If you want invoice with taxpayer number, you must request it before making the payment.

You should always check the invoice data before you leave the point of sale, as it is only possible to make corrections after loading.

According to paragraph a), paragraph 5 of art. 40 of the VAT Code, in the provision of transport services the obligation to issue an invoice on board is met by issuing the transport ticket. However, Carris may issue a certified and IFRS invoice provided it is requested within a maximum of five working days, joining the original tickets.

CARRIS complies with the directives laid down in Ordinance 363/2010 and following, which regulates the certification of the invoicing software. The certification of invoicing programs ensures the inviolability of the information produced in the issuance of the invoice, its monitoring and control capacity by the Tax and Customs Authority (AT)while allowing the placement of Customers' name and VAT on invoices.