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Transport tickets

Yes. All passengers over the age of 3 must have a valid ticket: a Lisboa Viva/ Navegante card with child profile, a Navegante 12 pass or an occasional ticket.

No. The on-board fare is exclusive to the trip on which it is purchased.

An Onboard Fare is exclusively purchased on board the vehicles and sold by the Crew Member and is only valid for the same journey.

The Pre-purchased Title is a title that is loaded on a support card (7 Colinas/ Navegante or VIVA Viagem/ Navegante), before any trip.

No. The Viva Viagem/7 Colinas/ Navegante cards once loaded do not allow cancellations.

You can request the exchange until the expiration date of the title (until the 30th or 31st of the previous month). You must do it in the place where the sale was made (only places with face-to-face service).

After the beginning of validity of the title, it is not possible to exchange one Municipal for another, only one Municipal for one Metropolitan.

Yes. The exchange of a Municipal Navegante for a Metropolitan Navegante purchased at the ATM can only be done in a customer support office of an operator, until the 25th of this month.

These titles are available for sale from the 26th of the previous month and until the 25th of the same month.

No. The Family Metropolitan Navegante does not limit the number of cards assigned to a given family provided that the mandatory conditions are met, and at least one aggregate consists of three elements. If you need to, you can use more than one application form.

To learn how to join Navegante School card visit the Lisbon City Council page .

Primary schools that are interested in joining, can contact via email dmm.depm@cm-lisboa.pt .
The general public should ask for more information through the navigational address@cm-lisboa.pt .

The Navegante School card allows free access to the transport network, identifies the student, school and group, gives free access to various EGEAC equipment and the first issue is free.

The Lisboa VIVA/ Navegante card has an emission cost, allowing only access to the transport network.

Go to a CARRIS Shop and request a 2nd route. The 2nd and the rest have an associated cost.

Yes. The Navegante School card can be associated with the household that adheres to the Family Metropolitan Navegante pass and load the monthly title.

VIVA Go is a mode that allows you to travel in postpaid, being necessary to associate your Lisboa VIVA/ Navegante card to a bank account where direct debit will be made.

For more information visit the Occasional Journeys page or the VIVA Portal

Lisboa VIVA card

If you have lost your card in one of our vehicles, please contact us

If you do not know where you lost your card, please inform us immediately of the loss or loss so that it can be annulled. You can request a new card, in our shops and kiosks, for the current price, and request the transfer of the monthly title you had charged.

Yes, the photo is mandatory to renew the pass, unless you choose the Pass service in 15 minutes.

If your Lisboa VIVA/ Navegante card does not work, go to a CARRIS Shop.

If the card is in perfect condition, and within the warranty period (2 years), the replacement is free of charge.

If the card shows any damage resulting from misuse, the customer must pay for the issuance of a new card.

No. You just need to go to a CARRIS Shop, present your card and change your profile. The card must be valid and in perfect condition.


To request an invoice for an Onboard Fare, complete the form on this page by attaching the image of the purchased Onboard Fare. The invoice will be sent by e-mail.

No. The invoice request with the taxpayer number has to be made at the time of purchase.

CARRIS Services

Discover all the alternatives on the page dedicated to the transport of people with reduced mobility.

You can transport a bicycle in the affected routes to the Bike Bus service.

It is not permitted to carry electric scooters in CARRIS vehicles.

It is permitted to carry assistance dogs and animals duly wrapped. Transport containers shall be transportable as "hand luggage" and placed in the places reserved for that purpose.

The transport of dangerous or potentially dangerous animals shall not be permitted.

Small baggage may be carried in the designated places provided that it does not disturb or harm other passengers or damage vehicles. Maximum dimensions (cm): 55 x 40 x 20.


Contact us by filling out the form, selecting the subject option "Incident", indicating: date of occurrence, place (direction), description of occurrence, indication of enrollment of those involved and other relevant information for the analysis of the same.

Shipments of tickets at the ATM

The ATM charging and selling system is managed and is the responsibility of the TML company. For more information see https://www.portalviva.pt/  or contact for contacto@portalviva.pt