Find the answer to your questions about travelling by CARRIS. If you can't find the information you want, please contact our Service Centre.

On-board fares are only available on board CARRIS vehicles and are sold by the driver.

Prepaid tickets are loaded onto an appropriate support card (7 Colinas or VIVA Viagem) before any journey.

VIVA Viagem and 7 Colinas cards serve the same purpose. Only the colour and design are different. Both are suitable for less frequent travellers.

Luggage may be transported on our vehicles provided it is small and that its size and nature does not disturb or harm other passengers or damage the vehicles (Art. 167 of the Motor Vehicle Transport Regulations).


Maximum sizes (cm): 55 x 40 x 20


Place your luggage in the parts of the vehicles set aside and suitable for this.

If you lost an object in one of our vehicles, contact the Police Department of Olivais: 21 853 54 03.

All children aged up to 3 (inclusive) are allowed to travel free of charge and don’t need to have a Lisboa VIVA card. If proof is required, just show the child's identification document.

The following services, with access conditions, are available to reduced mobility passengers:

  • Regular public service, on the vehicles equipped for this (space for a wheelchair, with backrests and access ramps): 29B, 701, 703, 705, 716, 720, 722, 726, 728*, 729, 730, 735, 736, 744, 747, 755, 756, 767, 770, 778, 781, 782, 783, 794 and 798.


* On route 728, these conditions are only assured on 50% of the fleet (interspersed).

  • Door-to-door service, operating through reservations, in all areas of Lisbon Municipality that are part of our network. This is aimed at passengers with 60% (or more) declared disability.


Opening Hours:
Business days | 6:30 am - 9:30 pm
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays | 8 am - midday; 2 pm - 6 pm

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If you want to take your bicycle, you should use routes with the BikeBus service:


  • 708 | Martim Moniz «» Parque das Nações Norte
  • 723 | Desterro «» Algés
  • 724 | Alcântara – Cç. da Tapada «» Pontinha
  • 725 | Oriente Station (Interface) «» Prior Velho – R. Maestro Lopes Graça
  • 731 | Av. José Malhoa «» Moscavide Centro


This service operates according to the schedule for each route.

All the Passes found in our vehicles or delivered to CARRIS are forwarded to the CARRIS Store in Santo Amaro. In order to verify if your pass was delivered to our store, please contact us.

Pets may only be transported on our vehicles if they are in appropriate carriers of if they are guide or assistance dogs (Decree-Law No. 74/2007, of 27 March).


Appropriate carriers are carriers that are clean and in a good state of repair, made from resistant material that is washable, easy to disinfect and watertight (Order No. 968/2009).


It must be possible to carry these carriers as “hand luggage” and they should be placed in the spaces set aside for this.


Dangerous or potentially dangerous animals may not be transported.

If your Lisboa VIVA card doesn't seem to be working, we can assess and resolve the situation at any CARRIS Shop, CARRIS Kiosk or Concessionaire.


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The feedback we receive from our customers, whether positive or negative, is seen as an opportunity to improve our service. Complaints about our service can be made as follows:

In "Subject", write the subject of the complaint; in the body of the e-mail write the name and surname of the complainant, telephone number (optional) and a description of the complaint.


  • Complaints Book

Access the online Complaints Book or request it at one of the following places:

- CARRIS Offices or Stations


  • Letter

Send a letter to our Complaints Service: Alameda António Sérgio, N.º 62, 2795-221 Linda-a-Velha