You must have a valid ticket to travel on collective passenger transport systems (Law No. 28/2006, of 4 July, republished by Decree-Law 117/2017, of 12 September).


If you don't have a valid ticket, you will be committing a minor or a serious infringement:

Minor Infringement | a fine of between €30 and €87.50.

Serious Infringement | a fine of between €120 and €350.


A minor infringement consists of not validating tickets when this is required, with regard to:

  • Passes and tickets not validated using the validation machine;
  • Occasional tickets not validated after the second boarding on the same journey;
  • Use of a damaged ticket that cannot be identified or validated (with proof it has been loaded). In this case, the card is kept by the inspectors.
Voluntary payment of fines

If you pay your fine voluntarily within 15 business days of the date of issue of the Notice of Infringement, you will be given a 50% discount on the minimum fine value at one of the following locations:



On the first screen, choose the “Payment of Services” option.

Then, insert the information from the Notice of Infringement (Entity, Reference and Amount).



Take the Notice of Infringement to a CARRIS Shop:


  • Arco Cego Shop
    Av. Duque D'Ávila, nº 12, 1000-140 Lisboa
    Business days: 8 am - 7 pm 

  • Santo Amaro Shop
    Rua 1º de Maio, nº 103, 1300-472 Lisboa
    Business days: 8 am - 7 pm


Carris Office

Take the Notice of Infringement to the CARRIS office located at:

  • Complexo CARRIS de Miraflores
    Alameda António Sérgio, nº 62
    2795-221, Linda-a-Velha