The Fleet

In the bus fleet renovation plan, which started in 2004 and is part of the reorganisation under way at the Company, Carris renewed its fleet with the following vehicles:

. 2004 - 166 buses (40 minis / 106 standard / 20 running on natural gas)
. 2005 - 142 standard buses
. 2006 - 100 standard buses
. 2008 - 20 average buses and 20 articulated buses
. 2009 - two international public tenders were launched to furnish 60 standard buses, 40 of them Euro 5 Diesel compliant and 20 running on Natural Gas EEV.

This operation will allow to reduce the average age of the fleet to 6 years.

The reorganisation process will mean a significant fall in pollutants, since all of the models mentioned above comply with Community Directive Limit Euro 3 on exhaust emissions. CARRIS is therefore playing its part in the improvement of environmental quality in Lisbon.

Besides this, the new buses have air conditioning and bring in a series of innovations which will have a great impact on safety and comfort, on operational procedures and on maintenance costs.