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Sustainability is a transversal concern in modern society and not only affects Business activity but each of us in particular.

CARRIS understands that Quality and Company Social Responsibility from the Economic, Environmental and Social points of view are the paths for the ongoing improvement of its activity, as well as a contribution towards sustainability and social well-being. This contribution is made primarily through the satisfaction of the demands of clients and through the statuary and regulatory norms optimizing the resources available. It is established that CARRIS through this strategy strengthens its active role in the Sustainable Mobility of the Metropolitan area of Lisbon, contributing towards a less congested city, with a better quality of life.

  BCSD Adherence 

Excellence (click to open)

CARRIS should have an efficient performance making punctual, regular and comfortable transport available being available to the client and other stakeholders and being ready to do its best with the means and resources available.

Quality (click to open)

CARRIS should continually supply a service which satisfies the client’s needs, working to exceed their expectations.

Innovation (click to open)

CARRIS should continually look for new solutions to respond to its daily challenges. An innovative spirit and individual initiative should be valued maintaining an open spirit regarding new work methodologies and approaches.

Rigor (click to open)

CARRIS should secure an efficient performance with high standards of professionalism and competency, striving in the search for efficient solutions, which attain company objectives. CARRIS should be guided by the criteria of demand and flexibility taking responsibility for its decisions. This should be done on an individual and organizational level complying with its commitment with the clients, collaborators and stakeholders.

Sustainability (click to open)

CARRIS should contribute to Sustainable Mobility developing its activity without compromising the future and respecting society, the environment and being aware of and considering the stakeholders involved while securing economic Sustainability.

  CARRIS' Values 

  • Respect and protection of Human Rights
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Complying with the law and other regulations applicable to its activity
  • Respect for Conventions and recognized International declarations
  • Respect for stakeholders
  • Responsibility
  • Responsibility in the defence of and protection of the environment;
  • Integrate the aspects of social responsibility in the integrated management system
  • Act with transparency in all internal and external relationships.

  •   Stakeholders 

       Significant aspects of corporate social responsibility of CARRIS 

    • Discrimination
    • Accidents/incidents of exploration
    • Safety aspects in the production of equipment
    • Utilization of products and equipment which are more efficient and sustainable for your health and the environment

      Integrated Management System 

    Due to the defined strategy based on efficiency, quality and the market, Since 2005 CARRIS has formally implemented a set of management systems in the area of Quality as well as in the Environmental level. Safety and health at work is also presently being implemented in a structured management system of Social Responsibility. 

    These diverse systems were progressively certified by competent entities and are found in the Integrated Management System (SGI) whose general principals are described in the Integrated Management System Policy.


    The Certification according to NP EN ISO 9001 obtained in January 2006 proves the internal organization of the company and its application in its relationship with its clients.

    Integrated Management Process

    How is the process monitored and measured? (click to open)

    Done according to the Key Performance Indicators - the Client Satisfaction Index, the Occupation Rate, the Accident Rate, the Client Complaints Rate, the Average response time to Clients, Vehicle Breakdown Rate, the Absenteeism Rate, and the Training Rate are all used as examples.

    What are the advantages of the ('SGI') for CARRIS? (click to open)

    • Improves internal organization
    • Increases motivation and involvement of its collaborators
    • Increases job/activity efficiency
    • Increases the correction and detection of failures
    • Increases productivity
    • Increases access to certain markets and concessions
    • Integration of Quality and Company Culture
    • Improves Company Image

    The Certification according to NP EN ISO 14001 obtained in April 2008 demonstrates that the activity developed is based on the control and minimization of the aspects which could interact negatively with the environment as well as the compliance of all the legal requisites.

    Existing practices (click to open)

  • Energy and water consumption optimization of the premises through systematic control
  • Availability in workshops and administrative areas of recipients for the separation of waste disposal, which are labelled, indicating good practices
  • Periodic maintenance of wastewater equipment (hydrocarbons and fats) of premises to improve discarded wastewater quality
  • Waterproof fuel filling areas
  • Updating intervention and action procedures in occasional or emergency situations
  • Inclusion of criteria and environmental considerations in the Contract Document clauses.
  • Advantages (click to open)

  • Energy and water consumption optimization of the premises through systematic control
  • Availability in workshops and administrative areas of recipients for the separation of wastewater which are labelled indicating good practices
  • Periodic maintenance of wastewater equipment on premises to improve discarded wastewater quality
  • Waterproof fuel filling areas
  • Updating intervention and action procedures in occasional or emergency situations
  • Inclusion of criteria and environmental considerations in the Contract Document clauses
  • To ensure the compliance of environmental legislation and other requisites of the organization and in this way protecting the environment and reducing pollution
  • Improve environmental performance optimizing the consumption of natural resources and reducing the disposal of landfill residues
  • Prevent environmental accidents
  • Improve company image
  • Increase Stakeholder confidence.
    CARRIS has also invested in the Certification of its lines with the NP EN 13816 and CERTIF’s Technical specifications as its base, being the only Passenger Public Transport company to have bus and tram lines certified. (67% until now) 

    Whilst the ‘SGI’ Certification and its application relative to its clients and stakeholders represents the certification of the internal organization – it is a certification of the ‘measures’ taken and represents what is directly supplied to the clients – It is a certification of results.

    Evaluation of CARRIS’ Performance and of Client Satisfaction (click to open)

    1. Performance measurement through periodic Indicator analysis:
      • Operation period
      • Trip Duration
      • Transfer Interval Compliance
      • Punctuality
      • Information & Client support
      • Vehicle & Sales post cleanliness
      • Accidents
      • Incidents;

    2. Client Satisfaction measurement through Annual Survey Satisfaction Index:

    200520062007200820092010 2011
    Client Satisfaction measurement
    through Annual Survey Satisfaction Index
    (in 100 possible points)





    Certified Lines (click to open)

    1st Phase

    2nd Phase
    (May 2007)

    3rd Phase
    (August 2008)

    4th Phase
    (July 2009)

    5th Phase
    (October 2010)

    6th Phase
    (March 2012)
    15E - Pç. Figueira - Algés 705 - Est. Roma-Areeiro - Est. Oriente21 - Saldanha - Moscavide Centro 44 - Cais Sodré - Moscavide (Qta. Laranjeiras)* 7 - Pç. Chile - Sr. Roubado30 - Picheleira (Qta. Lavrado) - Picoas
    83 - Amoreiras - Portela708 - Martim Moniz - Parque Nações Norte22 - Marquês Pombal - Portela 702 - Restauradores - Serafina* 10 - ISEL - Pç. Chile36 - Cais Sodré - Odivelas (B.º Dr. Lima Pimentel)
    756 - Olaias - Pç. Indústrias716 - Pç. Chile - Benfica34 - Martim Moniz - Est. Sta. Apolónia 709 - Terreiro Paço - Campo Ourique (Prazeres)* 39 - Marvila - Xabregas54 - Campo Pequeno - Alfragide
    760 - Martim Moniz - Cemitério Ajuda717 - Pç. Chile - Fetais79 - Olivais Sul - Olivais Sul (Circ. Encarnação)712 - Estação Sta. Apolónia - Âlcântara-Mar (Museu Oriente)735 - Cais Sodré - Hosp. Sta Maria703 - Charneca - B.º Sta. Cruz

    718 - ISEL - Amoreiras701 - Charneca - Campo Ourique (Prazeres)732 - Hospital Sta. Maria - Caselas753 - Pç. José Fontana - Centro Sul731 - Av. José Malhoa - Moscavide Centro
    723 - Desterro - Algés706 - Terreiro Paço - Est. Sta. Apolónia* 740 - Cais Sodré - Olaias757 - Alto Chapeleiro - Alto Chapeleiro745 - Terreiro do Paço - Prior Velho

    724 - Alcântara - Pontinha711 - Pç. Comércio - Alto Damaia746 - Marquês Pombal - Est. Damaia758 - Cais Sodré - Portas Benfica

    726 - Sapadores - Pontinha Centro713 - Marquês Pombal - Est. Campolide767 - Campo Mártires Pátria - Est. Damaia* 780 - Benfica - Saldanha

    729 - B.º Padre Cruz - Algés714 - Pç. Figueira - Outurela773 - Rato - Alcântara794 - Est. Oriente (Interface) - Santos

    737 - Pç. Figueira - Castelo720 - Picheleira - Calvário778 - Campo Grande (Metro) - Paço Lumiar796 - Campo Grande (Metro) - Galinheiras

    738 - Qta. Barros - Alto Sto. Amaro727 - Est. Roma-Areeiro - Restelo* 790 - Gomes Freire - Príncipe Real797 - Sapadores - Arco Cego

    747 - Campo Grande (Metro) - Pontinha-Metro749 - ISEL - Saldanha798 - Campo Grande (Metro) - Galinheiras799 - Col. Militar (Metro) - Alfragide Norte

    748 - Marquês Pombal - Linda-a-Velha764 - Cidade Universitária - Damaia Cima

    751 - Est. Campolide - Linda-a-Velha765 - Colégio Militar (Metro) - Benfica (Cemitério)

    755 - Poço Bispo - Sete Rios768 - Cidade Universitária - Qta. Olival

    759 - Restauradores - Est. Oriente774 - Campo Ourique - Gomes Freire

    776 - Algés - Cruz Quebrada * 777 - Campo Grande (Metro) - Ameixoeira-Metro

    781 - Cais Sodré - Prior Velho 782 - Cais Sodré - Moscavide

    * Line 740 certified in 2009 was suspended.
    * Lines 7, 39, 780 certified in 2010 were suspended in 2011 with network adjustments done that year.
    Lines 10, 777, 790 certified in 2008, 2009, 2010 were suspended in 2012 with adjustments done to the Network that year.

    What are the advantages of Certified lines? (click to open)

    • Service quality guarantee
    • Improves Company image
    • Increase in Client Satisfaction
    • Increase in the number of clients
    The Certification of service demonstrates CARRIS’ commitment in their mission of ongoing improvement to Quality and their contribution in affirming Public Transport as a key element to Sustainable Development.



    • Membro da UITP - International Union of Public Transport
    • BCSD - Company Council for Sustainable Development
    • CEEP Portugal - European Centre for Companies with public participation and/or general economic interest
    • GRACE
    • RSO'pt - Social Responsibility for Organizations and Sustainability
    • COTEC - Company Association for Innovation
    • IBBG - International Bus Benchmarking Group;
    • MMG - Major Metropolises Group;
    • COST/BHLS Project - Cooperation in Field of Scientific and Technologic Research / Buses with High Level of Service.

      CARRIS' Reports