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Sustainability is a transversal concern in modern society and not only affects Business activity but each of us in particular.

CARRIS understands that Quality and Company Social Responsibility from the Economic, Environmental and Social points of view are the paths for the ongoing improvement of its activity, as well as a contribution towards sustainability and social well-being. This contribution is made primarily through the satisfaction of the demands of clients and through the statuary and regulatory norms optimizing the resources available. It is established that CARRIS through this strategy strengthens its active role in the Sustainable Mobility of the Metropolitan area of Lisbon, contributing towards a less congested city, with a better quality of life.

BCSD Adherence

CARRIS' Values


Significant aspects of corporate social responsibility of CARRIS

  • Discrimination
  • Accidents/incidents of exploration
  • Safety aspects in the production of equipment
  • Utilization of products and equipment which are more efficient and sustainable for your health and the environment

Integrated Management System

Due to the defined strategy based on efficiency, quality and the market, Since 2005 CARRIS has formally implemented a set of management systems in the area of Quality as well as in the Environmental level. Safety and health at work is also presently being implemented in a structured management system of Social Responsibility. 

These diverse systems were progressively certified by competent entities and are found in the Integrated Management System (SGI) whose general principals are described in the Integrated Management System Policy.


  • Membro da UITP - International Union of Public Transport
  • BCSD - Company Council for Sustainable Development
  • CEEP Portugal - European Centre for Companies with public participation and/or general economic interest
  • RSO'pt - Social Responsibility for Organizations and Sustainability
  • COTEC - Company Association for Innovation
  • IBBG - International Bus Benchmarking Group;
  • MMG - Major Metropolises Group;
  • COST/BHLS Project - Cooperation in Field of Scientific and Technologic Research / Buses with High Level of Service.

CARRIS' Reports