Special Fares

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special fares
Carris has special fares for children, young people, pensioners and retirees.

To require a pass with special fare for the first time, you must present all the documentation legally demanded, according to customer's profile.

  Children - Young people 

pass for children

CARRIS has special fares for children aged between 4 and 12 year old, that can travel for free on CARRIS and Metro transports since they have aLisboa Viva card Modalitie "Children".

It also exists two special fares for children and young people under school age:

For futher information contact ourcustomer services.


pass for seniors

Proper requisition duly filled, recent passport photo in color, Identity Card, or other identity document, or residence permit.

  Retirees or Pensioners 

pass for retirees or pensioners

Proper application form with the confirmation of household composition; Recent passport photo in color; Identity Card, or other identity document, or residence permit; Fiscal card; Retiree or Pensioner Card and a photocopy of the document showing pension value (you must also present the original document).