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Terms and conditions

The Company Carris de Ferro de Lisboa (CARRIS) has created the Facebook and Instagram page with the purpose of establishing a closer and more effective channel of communication with the public. These are intended as an information channel, where we release and share information, images and videos.

The use of these channels is subject to the principle of tolerance, privacy and respect. The company will ensure the proper functioning of its pages. In this way, comments made by users may be deleted if they:

  • Disrespect the terms of use and privacy established by Facebook and Instagram;
  • Are considered personal attacks of any nature;
  • Are offensive comments aimed at denigrating races, religious groups, sex, sexual orientation, state of disability, political and ideological ideals and / or that violate human rights;
  • Contain language that may be considered offensive or appeal, in some way, to either verbal or physical violence;
  • Contain personal data, namely telephone or mobile phone numbers, email addresses, ID, fiscal number or address;
  • Are considered SPAM;
  • Violate copyrights or intellectual property, as well as the rights of identifiable parties: videos, photographs or texts that are not owned by the user, and / or without the express authorization of the owner, should not be published;
  • Are considered abusive advertising to other brands, products and / or services.
  • Any publications made by the users of the page are of the exclusive responsibility of such users, and CARRIS cannot give guarantees as to its veracity and truthfulness.
  • By commenting on this page, the user assumes that has read, understood and accepted the rules adjacent to the Terms and Conditions set forth above.

The comments policy of CARRIS is subject to change or modification at any time.