Single Ticket

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Single tickets, also known as "on-board fare", are titles designed for occasional customers that can be acquired on all CARRIS vehicles.

There are the following types of single tickets:

Ticket for trip on bus and trams - on-board fare
On-board fare

Valid for a single journey on any route in urban and suburban regular service. Acquired on board our vehicles. Following rates currently in place:
  • Bus on-board fare - €2
  • Tram on-board fare - €3 
  • Lift on-board fare - € 3,80 (2 trips)
Ticket for trip on Santa Justa lift
On-board Fare Santa Justa Lift

Valid for two trips on the lift, including access to the Belvedere. It has a price of 5.15 € and is sold exclusively on board Santa Justa.