CARRIS offers various transport services in Lisbon within a 667km network. It has:
  • a daytime service through bus, tram and elevator lines;
  • two night services: Dawn Network, every night with regular fares and Night Bus service, a free service working on Fridays, Saturdays and holiday's eve;
  • special services for people with reduced mobility, Bike Bus service and Mob Carsharing;
  • tourist services by Carristur.

  Daytime Service 


Carris buses

78 bus lines served by 745 buses for a 667km extension.

Bus Fleet


Carris trams

5 tram lines served by 57 vehicles on a 48km extension.

Tram Fleet


Carris elevators

4 elevators classified as National Monuments on February 2002.

Elevator Fleet 

Colors Map

Map of Lisbon organized by colors
Lisbon organized by colors to ease your search.

  Night Service 

Dawn Network

Dawn Network

12 bus lines that ensure...
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  Special Services 

Reduced Mobility

service for people with reduced mobility

Transport service for people with reduced mobility.

See bus fleet

Bike Bus

bike bus service
Buses with access for bicycles on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

  Tourist Services