Web Summit 2018 | Come and go with Mytaximatch CARRIS

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mytaximatch carris

From November 5th to 8th (Monday to Thursday), mytaximatch CARRIS will once again be available for shared taxi trips, to and from Parque das Nações, with a price up to a maximum of € 5 within the Municipality of Lisbon.

Place an order:
  1. Open the MyTaxi app;
  2. Select the Match request and enter the address or the reference to where you want to go;
  3. Wait a few minutes until the driver arrives.
Terms of use:

The cost of the trip can be divided by the two passengers, according to the distance travelled by each one of them.
Only two customers can Match, and at most each client can only bring a companion with them. After the second customer leaves, the trip ends.
In case you can’t find a 2nd passenger until the destination, within the Municipality of Lisbon, the price of the trip never exceeds € 5.

Any question or concern please email us at ajuda@mytaxi.com.

Read more here about this partnership.
Date posted online:: 2018-11-02