Mission, Vision and Values


CARRIS mission is the rendering service of public transport for urban surface vehicles, oriented by Sustainability criteria, contributing to a development that attends present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


CARRIS assumes, conscientiously, its responsability as an economical and social agent that acts on urban mobility domain, contributing to the development and sustentability of Lisbon and its metropolitan area, adjusting its activity to the market needs, optimizing resources use in order to increase the company's efficiency and to improve their service quality.

Customer Commitment

CARRIS assumes on his mission the following commitments:
· To develop its network, so that on every point of the city there is a bus stop at an acceptable distance;
· To define schedules adapted to the demand, undertaking corrective measures whenever necessary;
· To make available correct and simple information;
· To promote actions that ensure customers safety;
· To adopt measures that ensure a regular service, in coordination with other entities;
· To expand the Sales Network to make it easier for the customer to get transport titles;
· To keep the vehicles clean and safe;
· To ensure the quality of company human resources;
· To accomplish legal requirements about pollutant emissions, in order to protect the environment;
· To evaluate regularly, by query, the customer satisfaction level;
· To pay attention to customers complaints and suggestions as an information source to improve the service.

Principles and Values

CARRIS has as main principles of its mission, the sustainable development, values and commitments of United Nations Pact, namely:
· Respect and protection of human rights;
· Respect for worker rights;
· Eradication of all forms of human exploitation (forced and child labour);
· Eradication of all discriminative practices;
· Responsibility on environment defense and protection;
· Fight against all forms of corruption.

CARRIS has as main values on its activity:
· Seriousness;
. Rigor;
· Credibility
· Responsibility;
· Search for excellence.