Lisboa Viva

Lisboa Viva card offers additional advantages negotiated between Transport Operators in Lisbon and various entities of public interest.

  Lisboa Viva Card Modalities 


Children | aged between 4 and 12 | for young people aged between 4 and 18 years, attending elementary or secondary school and who do not benefit from municipal transports + info | for highschool students + info

Seniors | over 65 years old 

Retirees and Pensioners | whose family’s monthly income is equal to or less than national minimum wage

Social + | + info

  Documents to apply for Lisboa Viva card 

To require Lisboa Viva card, you must present all the documentation legally demanded, according to the customer’s profile:

General documentation
• Proper requisition duly filled;
• Birth certificate, or Identity card (for EU citizens), or Passport, or Drive License (for Portuguese citizens) or residence permit;
• Recent passport photo in color with white/pale backdrop, with uncovered head and no sunglasses.

Specific documentation
a) Retirees/Pensioners
Appropriate form filled with:
• household composition;
• Family income proof document;
• Original and copy of Retiree/Pensioner card;
• Original and copy of the pension value proof document.

b) Sub23 
• Application emitted by student’s school, duly signed with white embossed seal to attest the right of acquiring card. This application must be annually submitted to the transport operator that has emitted the card; 

  General conditions of Lisboa Viva 

To consult general conditions of Lisboa Viva card, download the document here.

  Where to get Lisboa Viva 

Lisboa Viva card can be acquired in every point of sale in CARRIS network or at any transport operator in Lisbon, with a 10 days deliver deadline.

The price of Lisboa Viva card is €7 for every modality, except for 4_18 profiles, which is €3,5.

If you want to get the card urgently, CARRIS has an immediate delivery service in Santo Amaro station – Rua 1º de Maio, 101-103, opened from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For this service, the card price is €12, except for 4_18 modality, which is €6. Get more details about modality click here.

  Validity Period 

Lisboa Viva cards present different validity periods, changing between 4 to 6 years after its release, depending on the customer type:

Lisboa Viva cards must be renewed before the expiration date indicated on the card in every Carris point of sale or at one of the Transport Operators on Lisbon region.
By the end of this period, cards cannot be recharged.

  Warranty Period 

Lisboa Viva cards have a two year warranty period after its release date. If, during this period, the card stops working, without having any visible damage, it will be replaced without costs to its owner. After the warranty period, the customer will afford the replace all the costs, in any situation.

  Charging at an ATM 

This option is available only for electronic passes (without stamp) and is valid just for passes “recharging”, which means that the pass should have already been charged at a point of sale before.

The only passes that can be charged at ATM’s are those valid at Carris, Metro, Transtejo, Transportes Colectivos do Barreiro, CP, own operator tickets or combining operators.

To use this service, you must have a valid Lisboa Viva card.

Steps to follow to charge your card at an ATM