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Here we present some useful tips about validation of tickets in CARRIS:
Its mandatory to validate your Lisboa Viva, 7 Colinas or Viva Viagem card in each entrance in our vehicles.

The ticket is only considerated valid and validated if the validation machine issues a green light.

Each passenger must have its own card charged with a valid transport ticket for the journey he wants to make.

If you travel without a valid transport ticketand the validation machine issues ared light, you can be subject to a fine according to the law.
Try to repeat the procedure and verify the message that appears in the validation machine.
In case the red light persists you should acquire an on board ticket, with the driver of the vehicle.

The transport tickets available to be charged inside the 7 Colinas and Viva Viagem cards are schedules tickets, that allow you to do several journeys inside CARRIS according to their validity.

To journeys thatinclude urban and suburban area you must validate a two zone ticket. You can do this by pressingin 2 key in the validation machine.

Problems with maintenance of tickets cards can be solvedatCARRIS mob stores, points or kiosks.