How to use the station codes search engine

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  Step 1 

Note the search engine placed in the top of the site.

You must ensure the option "Station Codes" is selected. 

  Step 2 

image that explains how the search engine for bus stop codes works - step 2

In the text box "local" insert the place where you want to get the station code.

While you write, the system suggests you automatically some places where bus stops are, according to the letters you are writing.

To ensure an effective search, you must select one of those suggestions.

  Step 3 

image that explains how the search engine for bus stop codes works - step 3
Now you can check the existing station codes for the place you have searched.

To make it possible for you to identify which bus stop do you want, the system shows you which bus lines pass near each bus stop on the list.

Note that in a same place there are different bus stops for ascending and descending routes - you must ensure which bus stop matches the bus for the right direction; note also that your search gives you only the results of the bus stops that are in the exact place you searched for, and not nearby.

You can also choose to receive the code you have searched in your email. To do that, you must select the envelope symbol that is near the station code.

  Receiving the code and other indications by email 

how to receive bus code and other information by email

When you select the envelope symbol, a dialog box appears. You must write inside of it the email address where you want to receive the information about the bus stop you chose.

After writing your email, select "send". The information is immediately sent.