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In order to serve all mobility needs, Carris has, besides its regular transport service, other complementar services. Get to know our service for people with reduced mobility, Bike Bus service and the new service of car sharing, Mob Carsharing.

Bike Bus service
Lisbon is a city that invites you to discover it. For you to move with all comfort, CARRIS has designed the Bike Bus service, without any additional cost to the customers. On Saturday, Sunday and holidays, bicycles may be brought on four buses, prepared for its transportation. Now you have another good reason to go out with your bicycle to where CARRIS and your will to pedal takes you.
The Bike Bus service was initiated by CARRIS in September 2007, only working on two lines on weekends and holidays.
Later the service was extended in terms of lines and operation. Actually its available on:

708 - Martim Moniz – Parque das Nações Norte

723 - Algés - Desterro

724 - Alcântara - Pontinha

725 - Oriente – Prior Velho

731 - Moscavide - Av. José Malhoa

See Bike Bus map

Maximum capacity:
4 bicycles by bus.

Folding bikes are considered luggage and can be transported on all buses at right places. 

Business Hours:
The Bike Bus lines work 7 days a week, in the specific time of each line.

1 – Enter the bus with your bike by the exit door of the vehicle
2 – Fix your bike on the velcro cuff before the beginning of the journey
3 - Validate your transport title on the validation machines existent inside the vehicle