Best practices

When you´re at the stop and want to get into the vehicle that is approaching, weigh with your hand to signal the bus or tram driver that intention.

Please put yourself in front of the entrance of the vehicle, when you want to enter.

At the time of entry to the vehicle show your ticket to the tram/bus driver and then validate it in the existing validating machines inside the vehicle.

Please enter the vehicle and move to the back, in order to maintain the inlet passage free.

Adquirir o título de transporte a bordo

If you do not have a valid ticket, get one on-board with the bus/tram driver.

Validar sempre o título de transporte

If you have a valid ticket, to start a trip in a CARRIS vehicle, always validate it in the existing validate machines inside the vehicle.

Ceder o lugar sentado em caso de passageiros prioritários

Be cordial and indulge your priority seating for passengers, such as the elderly, pregnant women or women with infants.

Ao viajar de pé, segure-se bem

Hold up well when traveling standing.

Não encostar às portas

When traveling in our vehicles, don´t lean on the doors.

Não entrar se as portas estiverem em movimento

Do not attempt to enter or leave the vehicle when the doors are in motion.

Ter cuidado com as diferenças de altura e os degraus

Always be careful with the height differences and the steps within our vehicles.

Cuidado com o carteiristas

When traveling, always beware of pickpockets.

O transporte de bagagem obedece à dimensão reduzida
The transport of baggage allowed in our vehicles is of small in size (maximum dimensions of reference: 55x40x20 cm) and should be done in the right places (in buses, usually on the left front wheel), and since, for its size and nature not disturb or harm other passengers or damage the vehicle (art. 167 of the Regulation of Transport in Cars).

Não sujar os veículos

Do not mess our vehicles.

Não é permitido comer ou beber
It´s not permitted to eat or drink inside our vehicles.

Não é permitido o transporte de animais
The transport of animals within our vehicles is allowed only if they are properly secured or are tracking dogs (guide dogs).

Não é permitido fumarSmoking is not permitted inside our vehicles.

Respeite os veículos ao viajar na Carris
Our vehicles are of all of us, therefore, respect them when traveling with CARRIS.